Grassroots love tree 

red light tree, originally uploaded by .inKenzo. evonne@amo.

Both heart and mind together, the tree in progress here will be completed for the upcoming NTEN grassroots tech awards to be handed out next week in Washington DC.

Amoration is THREE YEARS OLD TODAY! A great big thank you to all of our amazing sponsors, advisors, organizers,creative talent and volunteer teams! Here's just a few of the people who make AMO work:

* Omidyar Network: Two tremendous community favorites awards purchased our studio equipment

* Grassroots.org: Commissioned the Grassroots Love Tree as a part of their Dingman Social Ventures Program

* Dr. Andrew Anselmo: A tireless AMO Advisor from day one

* Sue Braiden: Amazing better world scout and Ubuntu Social Network founder in Second Life

* Camp Darfur Team including Gabriel Stauring, Pam Omidyar, Meron Moroz and the Better World Scouts.

* Lars Hasselblad Torres @ PeaceTiles and MixedMedia.us

* Jean Russell and Michael Maranda cultivating Nurture.biz

* Techsoup/CompuMentor (vote for us in the NetSquared Social Venture Awards starting 4/6!)

Posted by .inKenzo. evonne@amo from Flickr.


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